Ben Rama Oood


‘..He’s staying true to a particularly captivating style of progressive/psychedelic techno that eschews fads and gimmicks in favour of deep, timeless techniques that stretch each moment into an eternity…’

-Alexander Synaptic (founder of Ektoplazm)

Ben Rama is a progressive techno producer from eastern Canada. His unique blend of deep driving tech grooves and subtle, haunting melodies has captivated dance floors ever since unveiling his live set in 2010. Heavily rooted in the progressive psytrance of the early-to-mid 2000s, and drawing upon influences of more modern techno movements, Ben’s sound is able to encompass both aspects of light and dark, often within the same track. While not one to shy away from hypnosis inducing melodic structures – some of the fresh sounds emanating from the Rama studios are decidedly darker in tone, a reflection of Ben’s interest in dark and psychedelic minimal techno.

This is where he would normally name drop a bunch of headliners and festivals etc… but that isn’t really to his liking. He also dislikes writing in the 3rd person.

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