Bryan Art: Knowledge is Power (Accoustic)

Bryan Art    185

Published on Jan 20, 2015

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention, but neediness alone can’t get the job done. Knowledge, effort, and determination must be applied as well. “And if poverty in the way,” as the song says, “we slap him with a book.” Remember the words of a wise man: the Lord helps those who help themselves. Which brings us to this music video from the man called Bryan Art, recorded over the riddim track from The Abyssinians’ immortal “Declaration of Rights.” As the story unfolds, a young man who carries market goods on a wooden pushcart to make a living, sees a criss four-wheel ATV and instead of becoming red-eyed jealous gravilicious and badmind, gets inspired and transforms his pushcart into an auto-powered wooden vehicle, complete with a boomin’ sound system. Subscribe to Boomshots TV for more crucial reggae and dancehall videos.

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