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      Vallrye Greene is a dynamic songstress hailing from Boston, Massachusetts in the United States and on her new E.P. “Explosion” she unveils a massive and worldwide pop sound which is sure to ignite dancefloors and fuel passions around the world. As an artist, Vallrye is able to evoke a larger than life sound with her expansive vocal talent, heartfelt lyrical content and exceptionally artistic backing arrangements. This is pop music with a soul, delivered from an artist who has found a unique aesthetic and is dedicated to sharing it joyfully with the world. The “Explosion” EP is the culmination of many years of work and the dedication to quality and expression makes it a truly enjoyable listen to international fans of urban music will gravitate towards.

      The “Explosion” EP features a narrative arc which focuses around themes of love, acceptance and female empowerment. As a singer, Vallyre represents a unique international star in the vein of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Like these singers who she idolizes, Vallyre is able to create universally recognizable sounds and symbolism that expand on what female artists can be. In this way, she is a proud torchbearer for people everywhere who know deeply in their hearts that they deserve love, honesty and respect.

      In these times, these messages and themes propel Vallyre into the upper echelon of popular music performers. Her sound is very immediately accessible, contains positive themes and is delivered in a truly memorable style. This is the perfect music for the radio and the kind of sound that will resonate deeply with listeners from all walks of life and on all continents. Vallyre has arrived and on the “Explosion” EP she makes a compelling case for her place in the global world of artistic expression.

      Comprised of the tracks: “Hotstuff”, “Give it to Ya” and “All My Love”, the “Explosion” EP is a thrilling ride through uptempo, funky and deeply meaningful pop music. Vallyre is an unsigned artist, though with a sound and talent this immense, it won’t be long before she is picked up by one of the global imprints trading in high class urban orientated pop music.

      Be sure to check out the “Explosion” EP and make sure to check out Vallyre if you see her performing.0 at a show near you!

      OurStage | Vallyre

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    Forums Music Music Promos U.S. based Pop Siren Vallyre Bursts on the Scene with New E.P. “Explosion”