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      Hi guys,

      Me and my girlfriend were thinking of building a rig but wanted to build something small we could fit in her car, weve seen alot of portable systems but dont really know how to get started. we were thinking we would just run it off some car batterys so its more portable, if anyones got any good ideas, tips or any advice really it would be much appriciated!


      Pat McDonald

        Depends partly on your skill set… like… do you know how to make up cables? Any good with a soldering iron?

        Also, budget? That’s pretty important. You can skank around for second hand or the odd flea market bargain… but… the thing with buying new kit is, you get a shop guarantee (something that can be tricky to use with stuff bought on eBay).

        Here’s a couple of basic points you shoul be aware of if you are not already aware of them… PA is “Public Address system”, which is a very old way of saying sound system…

        Your starting point is… you can either get an amplifier/PA and try to match speakers to it, or a set of speakers and try to get a matching amplifier/PA.

        They’re both rated in Watts (power) and Ohms (for speakers). Too powerful a set of speakers could blow the amp/PA, and vice versa.

        Also be aware that different speaker physical sizes produce different sounds better – so the bigger sized loud speakers are much better at bass, while the teeny tiny tweeters do the high squeaky “top end” better.

        General Lighting

          have a look here at the thread below; bear in mind too that starting batteries for motor cars aren’t the best for this purpose. all lead acid based accus are heavy and have to be hauled back and forth with the rest of the rig.

          Making excessive noise from a motor vehicle anywhere in the EU can now get your driving license suspended even if the vehicle is stationary (the UK brought this law in about 12 years ago band because it was found to still comply with EU human rights laws other nations have implemented it (the UK is still one of the more lenient countries when it comes to roads and traffic law enforcement).

          You can also get pulled up for badly secured/unsafe loads; weight limits, or worse, find out the hard wary that your girlfriends insurance is invalidated as a small motor car may not be insured for a loads above a certain size or anything other than domestic use (vans normally have the full insurance; as they are mostly used for carting heavy things about; your girlfriend can drive one to 3 500kg).

          are you from round my way? The DJ name seems familiar…. I’ve seen a lot of the local rave scene when I first moved here; and unfortunately also saw folk fuck up their lives and relationships due to stuff like this when everything has got on top; but there are ways you can do exactly the same and the wider community will tolerate it or even think its positive (lots of folk want to be “eco friendly” but still like music)

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