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      youre right i should have started a new thread , pahaps a moderator can move posts and start one.
      I think theres something to think about when making mixes.
      For me when i do a mix, i dont plan it and it basically ends when i either make a big fuckup or get bored. I have mixed for 3 hours and theres been many times when 5 mins in ive thought cant be arsed lol…

        1990again;252032 wrote:
        youre right i should have started a new thread , pahaps a moderator can move posts and start one.
        I think theres something to think about when making mixes.
        For me when i do a mix, i dont plan it and it basically ends when i either make a big fuckup or get bored. I have mixed for 3 hours and theres been many times when 5 mins in ive thought cant be arsed lol…

        yeah thats what i do most of the time ..but some times i do plan mixes .. and when i do that i will make them so they are cd lenth so i can burn them onto cd and give them to people


          Not completely sure how to cut threads in two so ill let a more experienced mod do it (dont wanna screw anything up..)
          Personally i d/l anything over about 30mins in length anything below that i dont think its really worth the effort. Ill d/l really long three hr mixes, but then i just listen to them on my computer instead of burning them to CD. Perfect mix length for me is the 70-80min mark (length of a CD) regardless of what genre it is. If its longer than that cool, just means ill only listen to it when im sat in my room or on the computer… I do quite a lot of driving so its good to have my mixes on CD and also i if u burn it to CD you can share your tunes and take em round to other peoples houses. Havent used my MP3 player for ages as i lost the headphones and the cable to link it to the comp. Also pretty much everyone has a cd player not everyone has the cable to link a mp3 player to the computer/stereo…


            1.Noise Overload Right Here Right now Global Dance
            2.N.R.G The Real Hardcore Chill
            3.Manix remix Oblivion Reinforced
            4.Chris Energy Tribal communication HNR
            5.Bad Man convention When U Hold Me HNR
            6.The Criminal Minds Presence White House
            7.Order 2 move Face the Future Boogie Beat
            8.The Psychopaths Beats + culture Elicit
            9.Automation pink ep Hey Hey Automation
            10.Sudden Def Give it to me Reinforced
            11.Manix remix I want U Reinforced
            12.Sudden Def Fall like rain Reinforced
            13.Underground software Music Maker Posse Reinforced
            14.Trance 4 Mist your Love Boogie Beat
            15.Sudden Def Let it Hit dem Reinforced


            3-4 pm Saturdays + 6- 7:30 pm Mondays


            Tune into my show on Saturday for some more 90-92 old skool selection

            + again on Monday for some classic drum + bass from 2001-2003


              heres a wee 40 min mix i just finnished there

              electro-fidgety-house kinda thing raaa

              try it, yu will love it

              dont let the yheti get yi:bounce_fl

              got a weekly club night in glasgow blazin those kinda tunes if anyones intrested gives a shout


                Downloading :bounce_g:


                  1. Manix I cant stand it Reinforced
                  2. Jumping Jack Frost Armageddon remix Absolute
                  3. Manix U Held my Hand Reinforced
                  4. DJ Eye Spy Song for butterflies Directforce
                  5. Manix Head in the clouds Reinforced
                  6. Dayeene Round the world Faze2
                  7. Hypnotist remix a modern Prometheus Rising High
                  8. Vitual Reality Make some Noise 786 approved
                  10.Hypnotist remix Hardcore u know the score Rising High
                  11.Project 1 Roughneck remix Rising High
                  12.Ragga twins Good times Shut up + Dance
                  13 Raving Mad Addicted to Love 786 approved
                  14.Cedric winkleburger Take it Easy Shut up + Dance
                  15.Q Bass Hardcore will never die Suburban Base
                  16.Magnus Project SHOSS White 02


                  Catch me on Saturdays 3-4 pm Live on



                    The Harmony Mix- Digital Bill & DJ EDog- 320 Bit Rate
                    Click Here to Download
                    1. Morgan page – longest road
                    2. Kascade – 4am (Adam K & Soha remix)
                    3. Coldplay – speed of sound ( Steve Porter remix)
                    4. Ercola ft Daniella – every word
                    5. Headstrong ft Kristy hawkshaw – love calls
                    6. Fragma – Toga me (Deadmau5 remix)
                    7. Cassandra Fox – touch me (Mike koglin vs Jono Grant remix)
                    8. Mike Foyle – shipwrecked (Sean Tyas remix)
                    9. Marc Marberg w/ kyau & Albert – megashira (Stoneface & Terminal remix)
                    10. Mike koglin & Mark Pledger – all the way (Nick Larson remix)
                    11. Mark Pledger vs Super8 & Tab – worldwide
                    12. Deadmau5 & Kaskade Move for me (extended mix)
                    Add us to your myspace
                    Digital Bill
                    DJ EDog


                      this is the sickest mix ive done so far raaa

                      elephUnt likes it raw

                      enjoy :bounce_g::bounce_fl:bounce_g::bounce_fl:bounce_g:


                        This is my new dubstep mix.

                        Protesta’s Dubstep mix (february 2009)

                        Here’s the playlist:

                        – Kromestar – Hungry Dub – Crater 004
                        – S.N.O – urb – Boka 015
                        – Martyn – Velvet – 3024 001
                        – Massive Music – Find My Way (Kode9 Rmx) – Hyperdub 006
                        – Quark, Quantum Soul, Ruckspin & Planas – Captain Hawkeye – Ranking 002
                        – Mundo & Lifted MC – Burn It Down – Dub Assembly 003
                        – Distance vs. Skream – Political Warfare – Chestplate 001
                        – Snares – Black Sabbath – KRISS 666
                        – Kromestar – Kalawanji – Deep Medi 001
                        – MRK 1 – Bones – Earwax 005
                        – Rogue State – Big Up From Sheff – R8 001
                        – Skream – lose control – Tempa 028
                        – Rusko – SNES Dub – Dub Police 005
                        – Tes La Roc – Lickshot – Contagious 011
                        – Rusko – William H Tonkers – 2nd Drop 002
                        – Afterdark – Raw – 10 Bag 002
                        – Rusko – 2 N A Q – Sub Soldiers 003

                        enjoy !

                        Comments are welcome


                          Downloading :bounce_g:

                          Always good with some Dubstep


                            Wicked mix protesta raaa

                            Like it a lot….


                              I used to be an acid techno DJ back in the day.. been a while since I’ve played at any clubs or squats but thought you might be interested in one of my better mixes!

                              RapidShare: Easy Filehosting


                                Angel;309351 wrote:
                                Wicked mix protesta raaa

                                Like it a lot….

                                thanks mate. have a hear to my other mixes here:
                                Dj Protesta’s Blog


                                  1. Burial VIP Leviticus V Records
                                  2. Love for the world Fusion Kemet
                                  3. Scottie Solonation Mercyless
                                  4. Six million ways Uncle 22 Strictly underground
                                  5. Screwface 2 Dubtronic S.A.S
                                  6. Kakoo What do Tantrum
                                  7. The groove sindikut Hold me pt2 Deep + Dark
                                  8. Generation X Feel the Magic 3rd Party
                                  9. The genesis Project Intense Rugged vinyl
                                  10.Acen in wonderland Acen Production House
                                  11.Manix Reach Out Reinforced
                                  12.X Certificate Dark Affair Ibiza
                                  13.Regentime part 2 Sound corp Tone Def
                                  14.F.X She cant help it Tone Def
                                  15.S.L.M Die Hard Tone Def


                                  Catch me Mondays 6-7:30 pm ( Classic drum + bass )

                                  Saturdays 3-4 pm ( Old skool )




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                                    Feedback on the set and the choon very welcome.

                                    rumpus rhythm


                                      Above mix created using ableton 8 beta (just released properly today)


                                      Nonoise – Breaks on a beach ’93
                                      Woob 2 – Creek ’95
                                      Plaid – Letter ’91
                                      Bassbin twins – A1 love ’93
                                      ECB Records – Department 7 ’95
                                      Bassbin twins – What you need/tall anthem ’94
                                      Darkman – Annihilating rhythm ’92
                                      Coldcut – Walk a mile (tiga mix) ’06
                                      Leftfield – Africa shox (jedis elastic bass remix) ’99
                                      Plaid – Unchatered territory ’95
                                      ils – next level ’02
                                      Bassbin twins – Between the fro
                                      Leftfield – not forgotten (fateh on the case) ’90
                                      Interfearence – Emotionalize ’01
                                      Theo Parrish – reaction to plastic ’06
                                      David Moufang – Drone ’08
                                      Phuture – Rise from your grave ’92
                                      Symmetrix – Shao lin ’92
                                      Eyerer – Namito ’07
                                      ils – music ’02
                                      Zen Paradox – Mescalito ’95
                                      P Namlook & D Moufang – Der Bergkonig


                                        I always start well then fuck up a mix near the end of a session if I’m recording it, but not latley.

                                        I’ve got an electro mix and a breakbeat mix at Waxdj


                                        Hope someone likes it :oD


                                          1. Isotonic Different strokes ffrr
                                          2. Inner city Let it reign 10 Records
                                          3. Skin up Accelerate Polydor
                                          4. Mark Ryder Lets Go Strictly underground
                                          5. Noise Factory Who are you Ibiza
                                          6. N.A.M Recycler Warrior Records
                                          7. Beltram mix Dominator R + S
                                          8. Tekno two Feel The Power D-Zone
                                          9. N.A.M Black Corridor Warrior Records
                                          10.Digital Orgasm Running out of Time Dead Dead Good
                                          11.Bug Khan XXX Mix Promo
                                          12.Redemption See u next Tuesday D-Zone
                                          13.Invisable Men In My Dreams Orbital Records
                                          14.Shut up + Dance The Green Man SUAD

                                          DJFKZamanoldskool65.mp3 – FileFactory

                                          YouTube – DJFKZaman’s Channel

                                          6-8 pm Fridays

                                          Disfunktional Radio Panel

                                          6-7:30 pm Mondays

                                          3-4 pm saturdays


                                            tactical;318034 wrote:
                                            I always start well then fuck up a mix near the end of a session if I’m recording it, but not latley.

                                            I’ve got an electro mix and a breakbeat mix at Waxdj


                                            Hope someone likes it :oD

                                            I like it raaa

                                            Good tunes, good mixing, going on ipod raaa


                                              Oooh but whilst peeps are a little confused check out my electro/breaks action at [tactical]:[music]


                                              Dj Iron Nox

                                                Some of these tunes got beat out in parties & mix tapes over the 90s so don’t watch the rice krispie sound on some of them lol
                                                Respect to the download massive!!!

                                                Back To The 90s OldSkool Set



                                                01.The Bogeyman — Happy
                                                02.4Hero — Journey To The Light
                                                03.Bad Influence — Fubar
                                                04.Forumla 7 — Parasite
                                                05.Doc Scott — Here Come The Drumz
                                                06.Babylon Timewarp — Durban Poison
                                                07.Body Snatch — Just 4 U London
                                                08.The Moog — Jungle Muffin
                                                09.DJ Ron & E.Q.P — Crackman Return
                                                10.Potential Bad Boy — Bad Girl
                                                11.Danny Breaks — Droppin Science
                                                12.Ray Keith — Wots My Code
                                                13.Potential Bad Boy — Work The Box EP
                                                >>>PULLL UPPP!!!!<<<
                                                14.Rebel MC – Tribal Base
                                                15.The Ragga Twins – Spliffhead
                                                16.Rebel MC Featuring Tenor Fly – Wickedest Sound
                                                17.Dove Song — Nicolette
                                                18.Phillips Williams — Bad Boyz

                                                SUBFUSION “ROLLERS NIGHT” AT BRIXTON MASS
                                                SATURDAY 6TH JUNE 2009 10PM – 6AM

                                                See flyer:




                                                  heres my effort

                                                  Killahertz May 2009 Mix.mp3 – DivShare


                                                  rumpus rhythm


                                                    98MB @ 192kbs 71mins

                                                    Steinsky ‘nothing to fear’ – the id
                                                    Plaid – shakbu
                                                    DJ Shadow – Number song (cut chemist mix)
                                                    Plaid – Scoobs in canada
                                                    Sabres of Paradise – bubble & slide (nightmares on wax mix)
                                                    Ohmega Watts- groovin on sunshine
                                                    Dust brothers – homework (fitz mix)
                                                    Repeats – Drifting sounds of wakiki
                                                    T fehlmann – lindt
                                                    Secret Knowledge – oh baby (dreams mix)
                                                    Plaid – system talk
                                                    J magik – final approach
                                                    Photek – t raenon
                                                    future 3 – fumble
                                                    Square – shortwave
                                                    T fehlmann – hana
                                                    Skylab – Seashell


                                                      This is my new dubstep mix.

                                                      Download it here:
                                                      Protesta’s Dubstep mix (May 2009)

                                                      Here’s the playlist:

                                                      – Appleblim & geiom – shreds [berkane Sol 010]
                                                      – Subeena – circular [immigranrt 002]
                                                      – De Niro – Babylon [Mother Inc 002]
                                                      – Relocate – Too Moody To Swing [Iberian 002]
                                                      – Headhunter – Prototype [Tempa lp 014]
                                                      – Eager & Stunn Gunn – Morder Dem (JSL Remix) [Kraken 008]
                                                      – Mungo’s Hi Fi – Haffi Rock [Scrubadub 002]
                                                      – Distance – Night Vision (Skream’s ‘So Nasty’ Version) [ZIQ219]
                                                      – SwitchDubs – Mother From The East [Essence Of Dub 003]
                                                      – Caspa – The Takeover Feat. Dynamite MC [12Fab 004]
                                                      – Goth-Trad – The Clown [Deep Medi 009]
                                                      – Rusko – Mr Chips
                                                      – Emalkay – Heroics [Dub Police 027]

                                                      enjoy !

                                                      Comments are welcome

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