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    Tank Girl wrote:
    well –
    met some nice fellow stall holders and peep’s
    but only sold 2 paintings, one to a work collegue and one to me mum :laugh_at: (heavily discounted:wink:)

    However – I’ve come home in a good mood as I got lots of possitive comments and support

    but the clientelle wasn’t gonna buy my work as the majority were elderly,
    not the best of ‘venues’ (not very central / not in a big town),

    but also people seemed to come to ‘have a look’
    as other people didnt sell anything or only one / two things
    and I’d say a lot of people went home on a ‘loss’ financially

    I’d also guess that the current financial climate may have something to do with people tightening their purse strings and not excessivley spending

    but when I can fit it in with work (I work weekends) I’m gonna try ‘Merton Abbey Mills’ market – as its got a good reputation – nearer london and I now have boxes full of framed picutres I need to shift 😉

    but thanks guys for your moral support – it really did help :love:

    Try some pubs around you or restaurants, I have seen so many who have local artists work on the walls that is for sale. The establishment like it as they have some nice art on the wall at no cost to them and you have free advertisement 😉