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    Typing as i’m listening man, Loving the intro-ish synth padish things at the begining. The Lead synth melody is sick man!! Did you play that live originaly I only ask cos I’m intrested to know how you make your riffs?? Bacon vocal has some nice gerth man.

    Dude you got real potential, ask anyone on this site (if everyone wasn’t away at festivals or hiding somewhere etc) You could easy make money of what you do. You clearly have what it takes. Also allot of your tunes have an original sound to them in my books.

    Also post that pancakes and buttermilk dicks, that tune is fucking phat. I had heard it plenty of times on pandas vids but never realised it was yours. I assumed it was track of a CD or something.

    Don’t stop making tunes man I love you work!!

    PS got anything new in the pipeline??