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    Originally posted by kai
    Yes sounds of the Lenny Dee! Couldn’t agree more man!

    Was (to my shame) reading last months Mixmag and there was an article on this subject. Apparently, they claim the hardest tune ever is a tune by Moby which he made as a piss take which clocks in at over 1000BPM. Personally i think they are mistaking speed with hardness though – a common mistake imo. The two are not the same thing at all. For instance while there is a lot of speedcore out there at the moment a lot of it isn’t actually that hard a beat as some of the hardness is lost when playing at such speeds. OK, its fucking hard, but the ‘slower’ gabba stuff is often a lot harder.

    Couldnt agree more mate…thats Mixmag for ye…always misleading.

    Moby did produce hardcore back in the days though, although it was very happy and i doubt very much that the song quated in Mixmag is HARD.