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    Hi Guy’s

    I’m pleased to give you Lowering The Tone (Podcast) Episode 3 😉

    This episode includes a revealing interview with Simon Shackleton Aka Elite Force who needs no introduction- but in case you have been living under a rock you can see what all the fuss is about here Elite Force -Free Downloads, Mixes, News! Book Elite Force

    This time round I have a little competition in tow. As you may have noticed I am forever asking you to support the show by helping promote it and many of you have…. so thank you if you have been getting on board!

    The competition is a simple one all you have to do it share the links for this show on your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, myspace, forums, blogs etc..) and just tag me or even share my links posted on my socials

    By doing this, your name will immediately added to a draw… basically I will put your name in a hat and my 6 year old son (Charlie) will randomly pull out 10 and you are one of those 10 you will win one of the following CD’s (of your own choice) from the Lot49 catalogue.

    1. Lot49 presents Meat Katie (mix CD)

    2. Lot49 presents Elite Force (mix CD)

    3.Lot49 presents Lee Coombs (mix CD)

    4. Lee Coombs ‘Light & Dark’ (Artist Album)

    5. 30Hz ‘Electric Sheep’ (Artist Album)

    I will inclue the winner in the next newsletter along with the track listing for this episode

    (If you have not subscribed head to Meat Katie and subscribe to be included in the competition and also recieve the track listing for this & future episode’s)


    Mark (Meat Katie)