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    monkey monkey wrote:
    It’s not just the London Urban Music scene on self destruct, but Urban music in general (I reckon anyway – I could be wrong) – do you remember the shooting at the Matrix in Reading?

    yep, and the other shooting of the then boss of the Record Basement around the same time..

    Though I hate to generalise, the so-called ‘Urban Music’ scene isn’t about music, it’s all about looking good and getting respect. Unfortunately, many of the people seem to gauge respect on how much cheap gold you wear, and if you’ve got a gun.

    although the music is often talented (I actually don’t mind garage and grime) seems a fair comment, given that the lyrics are extremely agressive and violent now, and that the more melodic/happier “old-skool” garage is being pushed out by grime! Music and lyrics are powerful; and TBH I don’t hear many protest lyrics from the urban scene, more an acceptance of the use of guns, violence and male domination, people only get vex when a rival gang or cops step up to stress them.

    You should not carry anything unless you are prepared to use it, and if you are prepared to use it, you should be prepared to have it used against you. This is for anything, not just guns.

    unfortunately the people doing this are prepared for both [many young Londoners wear ballistic vests and/or other forms of body armour routinely]

    I don’t think the people who do this are that stupid; they know they could be shot themselves (either by rivals or cops) – and that if they murder someone they will do a long stretch in HMP.

    These are people who have lost all hope and respect for life; I would go so far as to call them “self-centred terrorists” as they are happy to cause extreme violence and pain but have no cause behind them.

    At an average (?) free party, the general person can break quite a few laws, but at your average Urban hip-hop/garage night, there seem to be a lot less actual crimes committed.

    The difference as I see it, is that we want what we do to be legal (at least I do), the urbanites want to be gangsters.

    I think at free parties many want to be “peaceful outlaws” 😉