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BioTech wrote:
They were thrown out after random searches were carried out on them and very small amounts of drugs were found on them.

FFS. what point is there in doing random searches on peopel if they are not causing trouble, unless that security firm is being encouraged by Suffolk cops to try and dig some dirt? if its them two who were leading each other through the streets of Lowestoft on a dog collar and lead then I can see how they might come across as a bit loud but that IMO no reason to eject them if they aren’t hurting anybody..

Because she was the daughter of an ex copper. He killed her (trying to help her I might add) and will not come to terms with that and is still waging a war he cannot win with scare tactics.

I think he was still serving with Essex at the point of the incident, and the stress from the media coverage (brought on himself!) may have caused him to quit the job.

Green Derek stood up to him (Betts) on Anglia TV and him to his face he was responsible for his daughter’s death.

A brave move but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is why to this day cops across all East Anglian Police forces hate the electronic dance music scene with a passion – Unfortunately despite being a muppet Betts still had plenty of friends in the force – to them they feel “the drug-friendly liberal do-gooders broke the spirit of a good copper”

They pretty much locked down yarmouth seafront and were beating people for apparently no reason. They arrested 63 people that weekend and only 3 were charged. 2 of those were handed over by venue security.

and this was way before the airwave system which made it far easier for forces to work together. Its also a big fallacy that Norfolk police are more “tolerant” than suffolk, their lenience is merely due to lack of resources and they have merged their force support teams specifically to try and deal with “cross border” crime such as raves.