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    hyperSkunk wrote:
    ello all wonder if you could help me out, would be even better if you went to the norfolk NYE do, cuz thats where i heared it, bout 4-5 in the morning.

    there was like this female flight attendant saying something along the lines of ‘ladies and gentlemen, we hope you have a safe flight, so buckle up and get ready for take off’ and then it slammed into a really dirty jungle tune, could of been some other genre, i was pretty munted.

    anyway if any1 can lemme kno, been great appriciated!! nice 1!


    haha your talking about chopper by (roy keith) meh thinks.. it might not be that artist but it’s definatly chopper your talknig about … “ladys and gantelmen may i have your attention please … we are now ready for take off …. please fasten your seat belts ……” ……then you got the chopper going chop chop chop ..or w/e noise the blades of a chopper makes and the bass going wooomp woomp woomp …then bwwwarrrr getting higher in pitch .. then it drops!!!!!!