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    @Seasonz 538801 wrote:

    Very true actually. Unfortunate as it is, it does mean the scene is never likely to become accepted by the mainstream which also means that special feeling of standing in front of a huge rig with your friends buzzin’ your nut off knowing that your a part of something that is known only and accepted by a minority is likely to remain :weee:

    Even the EDM tracks which have been grudgingly accepted are the wierd mixture of genres (loosely based around funky house and eurodance) that get played in townie clubs (the sort that you find in Bury. Haverhill, Newmarket, Stow and Ipswich, I’m sure you can think of at least one such place…)

    I was thinking today that because of the internet, all the record labels, producers, forums and radio stations are working together on projects a lot more closely which isn’t a bad thing but its also because so much money has disappeared out of the industry. This also affects it because the kind of teaching/mentoring that would come from my generation who actually lived through the boom times of pop music is gone, because although a lot of us would like to do it we need to make our money to survive and we get paid more for fixing computers and telephones, or hauling fruit and veg, or teaching folk other more “marketable” skills.