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Given that the free party runs on cooperation and trust,i think the theft of our generator is a crime not only against us ,the soundsystem,and the owner(it was borrowed in good faith)but also against our loyal party goers,who’s night was ruined at midsummer.It is in this spirit of cooperation that i believe the free party community can best take action,by boycotting any club nights or parties run by or featuring the people who stole our generator.First among the theives was David Mitchell aka DJ Mitchell aka Mitch-a DJ from Kelty his club nights are mainly in Edinburgh-clubs are-“Rotation” and “Digital”,which have been held at a number of venues through the city.Also in on it was Mitchells girlfriend,Shona-she drove the getaway car and one of thier crew-a guy called Hilly from Kelty now in Dunfermline.As if the theft wasn’t enough,he has now sold it on-for a tidy profit no doubt!-this guy is ripping us ALL off-let’s put a stop to it.