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    @Angel 240666 wrote:

    You can’t do that legally because of the copyright..

    You can however contact the artist and buy a vinyl from him, but it’s not cheap

    £ 50 for the vinyl and 35 £ for the mp3 :you_crazy

    I think the Idea is he doesn’t want people using his MP3 and passing it on for free to be used on CDs ect. Although still possible with the vinyl, i would think it would happen less. Not to mention If someone has the Vinyl or MP3, and has paid for them, they are less likely to want to give it away for free.

    Having MP3s on the computer doesn’t bother me (within the underground scene), but I don’t really agree with people mixing with other people’s ripped tunes. Even if they aren’t signed to a label.

    I would think anyone that does this to mix with aren’t involved in the scene at all otherwise they wouldn’t be fucking people over that are involved in it. One of the major flaws with CD decks unfortunately.