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    @Angel 333739 wrote:


    And in response to Dom_sufc, none on of the people i know who have it have ever played it in public, it is only for personal listening..

    Only heard it played by 1 soundsystem, and that was an original vinyl raaa

    I wasn’t really pointing the finger at everyone, fair enough if it’s on MP3, I have loads I didn’t buy to listen to in the house!

    @dj nes 333601 wrote:

    i wouldnt say im fucking people over.. and id defo say im in the scene… i only want to press it so i can mix it for personal purposes its not like im selling it or givin it out is it mate…

    Fair enough if you aren’t taking it out to mix at parties/clubs ect. Personally, everything I would be mixing with, I’d buy. The MP3s I get are just so I can find ones worth buying.