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    MrAHC wrote:
    Being angry is just another reaction like when 3 of us walked ito the marque where the prodgy were playing flinging bottles and cans at them “Shouting our culture is not for sale”. It got the mesage across the same as us rioting in Hyde Park and Downing st against the CJB sometimes actions speak louder than words, I can see the same thing happening at those squats in Denmark. We need a solid front sometimes not just aloadd of keted out ravers who only show up for raves leave there litter then go home till the next one.
    To some people its more than just a party its a whole life stile, people have given up there jobs gone on the road, squated & opted out of civy st and chosed a free life. People give there time and creativity for free for the love of it and to see people enjoy that creativity.

    You cant put a price on that!

    AHC Benny

    OK…. first off – before you get on a high horse and say I was 6 or whatever – I’ve been part of the free party scene since pretty much the start of “rave” culture (I often say the state of me is down to the Spirals – they changed the way I looked at lots of things:wink:), and have done the blood sweat and tears thing (still do in fact – I own a rig, and put parties on – rig built with own hands, and parties ‘cos I enjoy making people dance).

    The kind of shite you’re promoting is more to blame for the state of the party scene than any band can be – agro breeds agro (and yes, I demonstrated against the CJA before you ask).

    SIMPLE FACT – The police hold more power in this country than a bunch of ravers do.

    SIMPLE FACT #2 – throwing bottles at them and hurling abuse will give them all the reason they need to shut down any party we do.

    SIMPLE FACT #3 – The more often this is done, the more they can roll out the media image of ravers as a bunch of tossers, who don’t care what happens as long as they can have their fun….

    Actions do speak louder than words as you say. So how many free parties have you organised?
    It is a lifestyle for some, but there’s no way it can be for all. We all still have to live after all, and unless you have rich parents, you need to have a way to make the money needed to live.
    I remember free parties that Liam went to in the early nineties (didn’t get to any of them unfortunately, as they mostly happened around Essex, but had friends who did). The professional musician thing – Sorry, but that’s the kind of thing that you need to say when you are pro, and are getting media flak for promoting something that is illegal (see the Shamen and their answers to questions about Ebeneezer Goode:groucho:).

    Liam Howlett and the Prodigy have done more for the party scene than pretty much anyone else (excepting the Spirals, and possibly DIY), because they took the message to lots of people who never would have heard it otherwise. And they make bloody good music. As for selling the free party scene out – the only people who actually believe that are the ones who can’t see past the end of their own noses… The same people who make life difficult for those of us who are doing, by making the police and the general public hate us.

    Think about that next time you feel like rioting:you_crazy