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    elretardo87 wrote:
    Its what musicians do.

    They start off underground then they move mainstream. I know everyone says they won’t but when theres a big fat check in front of your face then sometimes you think differently.

    Prodigy may be mainstream but think what they have done for the rave scene. They have sold out on the back of the scene, that is true. This has meant that a lot of young people who listen to the prodigy get their first taste of the “underground dance culture” which may then lead to them moving onto listening to more underground music or getting involved in partying.

    A lot of my friends have done just that….they listened to the prodigy as teenagers and now produce electronic music and have just invested in sound equiptment.

    You have to look at the bigger picture. This site is not just about free parties themselves but the culture behind them. To keep the party scene alive we need new blood and mainstream acts like the prodigy are a good initial point of contact.

    i agree totally throwing bottles bang out or order….