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    boothy wrote:
    i stand corrected. still, the “underground” (and i only use that term cos i dunno what else to call non-mainstream shite) dance scene has withstood the commercialisation dint it? like the whole 90’s superclub thing with companies tryin to mimic the hacienda and make money outta ravers… i dunno i’m going on what i’ve been told obviously!

    i still don’t think the “scene” (doh) will ever die, unlike so-called “nu-rave” and other corporate bullshit :laugh_at:

    mate don’t get me wrong

    as i said, this little cluster of events was as underground and authentic as anything from the dance scene

    there’s some seriously specialist dance/electronic music coming out that defies pidgeon holing… more power to all who find and enjoy it

    i’m not having a pop at all… you’re right… i’m just chucking in something different to the mix (check me out sometime on southwestunderground / level-1 radio… i like to confuse pidgeons and their confounded holes) :weee: