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Tek Offensive

    bump! (always wanted to say that!)

    after selling my loyal geminis a while back and spending all the money that was meant to go on new ones i ended up getting some numark tt1’s ( mentioned in another thread ) which im not the biggest fan of.

    im gonna sell them and get new ones,

    at the moment tho ive got one loves vestax’s set up in my room the last few nights and really love them, not having a strobe is annoying but ive found them so easy to get used to, and after using them whilst playing live on saturday, i really loved the confidence you get knowing that once the records are in time, thats were theyll stay.

    this is the first time ive properly got to use vestax, but have only used technics a few times and only briefly, so cant say what i think of them.

    i know their more robust, but im very careful with stuff.

    any more opinions welcome…