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    noname;221290 wrote:
    Don’t know if anyone answered your first question, but to do so – yes, you are better off leaving your mids and highs in seperate cabinets – it means a bit more setup with getting the time alignments right, but will be worth it in terms of the quality.

    The 12’s you are describing sound like the old angled 2×12’s from the Fane audio cookbook – you’ve 2 drivers angled in at 45 degrees each, with ports both sides? If that is the case, they’re good for low mid duty, but are unlikely to generate the sub you’re looking for (used a set of these once, but like I say – for low mid duty). You’re likely best going for what Biotech says and the 18’s – these will generate the kind of sub you’re looking for, and with about the same amp power…

    Yeah they are the ones I’m on about. That sounds like a good plan to be honest. I’ll probably do that then.