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    hahaha probably isnt the best example of something ive written as this one isnt really too accessible

    im hoping this might be more readable?

    Blue floor, comforting, with a universal honesty
    You may live you maybe okay
    Or you might end up darkening the cerebral halls
    Of kin, blood and sexual partners
    Never casting a doubting shadow over the blue floor
    So present; with bending endlessness
    Laying back down blue, face glued to the ceiling
    The sanctuary the chapel offers takes hold
    Eyes have been known to roll
    And roll
    And roll
    gibberish escapes from the mouths of dying sinners
    In the last moments there will come a wild whirl
    A saddening whirl, some sort of realisation whirl
    this maybe my death blue floor
    Quite a hygienic way to become deceased
    And within a short moment a somewhat blue, green, pink, mauve moment
    That is short but seems long, drawn out and spectral
    There is a shift in your world consciousness’
    And you (spiritually) and your body (physically)
    Become two entities, separate, neither spiritual or physical
    Reach out in ghostly ethereal fashion and make
    A sickening hybrid of love
    Comfort looms almost threatening with smiles and rolling eyes
    Blue floor softens and sighs
    Beautiful child dies with closed rolling spies
    Naïve laughter paints pictorial reconstructions of Christian skies
    Haunting and jaunting paranoid minds
    Once I sat staring with aching feelings, some of jealousy, at our blue floor
    My mind in a state of full vacuous peace, momentarily hounded by ambiguous
    Figures of men, I think, in robes and children singing
    ‘god loves me too’
    Serene is a word I would use in the summation of my staring and feeling
    Serenely twisted, in love with my thoughts. Serene in knowing death
    Was around every endless bend.
    Laying back down blue, face to the ceiling.
    My spectral spies fell rolling as I muttered gibberish in line to go home
    Many roles played out while games were lost
    Many games were lost in playing out many roles
    The stage, our universally comforting blue floor.
    Where our world is blue.

    was reading through some of the latest things i have written and found the most pilled up piece of writing ever! haha:you_crazy