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    Ye that stereo widening thing in cubase is amazing to chuck over the whole track when mastering …

    I use cubase for pretty much everything, other then dithering, for that I use soundforge pro 10 as it’s got the best algorithm out there for it. It’s the izotopes algorithm iirc, used in a few high end products.

    I used to have cubase 5, but actually went out and bought cubase 6.5 cos I use it all the time. Also it had this program called “Padshop” in it what is something I had been dreaming existed, but couldn’t find anything like it, then stineberg actually made it lol. Fuckers make you pay like £8 or £9 to upgrade it to the pro version though, and the pro feature of being able to use your own samples in it was the whole reason I wanted it! Cheeky buggers lol.

    I used to use audacity a lot for recording my DJ mixes (really nice program, especially for freeware!).

    How long you been making tunes for man?