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    boothy;251773 wrote:
    good call! mezzanine as well is a good one

    portishead have a very good album too, forgotten the name but as far as trip-hop goes i refer massive attack

    the prodigy – experience and music for the jilted generation, wicked albums

    orbital, blue album (i think) and live @glasto

    bob dylan – blood on the tracks, hiway 61 revisted, times a changin etc.

    pendulum – haha only jokin, over my dead body! :laugh_at:

    Good selection there –
    The Prodigy Experience – none of their other stuff came close. Think it’s a personal thing, it comes from a particular point in time, everything that happened after i was introduced to that album is their fault lol 😉 – and i still love them for that :love: