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    Nice effort, man. I really like it. I see what you mean with the structure, but the music itself is fucking tops. Loving the melodies – sounds like good psychill mixed with psybreaks. Also love the triplets bit with all the reverse kicks – love the progression of the percussions at this part… Oh and that melody over the top! And that psychedelic noise that sort of sounds like an aeroplane over the top. Yum! How did you make that noise?

    I’d be interested in hearing your psychill stuff as well, if this is anything to go by!

    @Iacchus 343161 wrote:

    By glitch do you mean glitch vst? i love that plugin.. a pain to automate tho!

    I do indeed mean Glitch… And yeah, it’s a nightmare to automate! :s I was trying to automate Glitch at the end of a bar earlier, I opened up a new track for it and a new effects channel ‘n’ all, but it was still automating the other track that’s identical to it, but on a different effects channel in the mixer. Confusing!

    What do you use to make your music? 😀