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MrAHC;221553 wrote:
had some today but stoping for another 7 days n see how i feel about the situation then….

tell me to get bent if you want mate, but it seems like by controlling it and by having on and off periods you are just going to be thinking about it all the time, which is just gonna do your head in. When you’ve got it you think about it and when you havent got it you think about it and want it. surely it would just be easier/better to stop it altogether, rather than constantly teasing yourself all the time? Ive never tried smack and i never will, closest ive got is valium/temazzies etc but from trying to keep that addiction and other addictions under control ive found having a bit here and there just means you are constantly having to keep an eye on yourself if you know what i mean rather than just sacking it off altogether and not having to think about it again (i know its easier said than done). The only thing i have successfully stopped doing mind you is smoking. From what you’ve said you’ve got the will power to stop, but then have a little bit here and there, which just sends you back to having to quit again.
like i said tell me to fuck off if you want.