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    @norfolk-partier 481540 wrote:

    yeah i understand what you mean mate, crafty bastards!![/quote]

    True but I’ve been in the game long enough to understand why it happens. one thing often forgotten is the sheer amount of age 16-18 year olds now involved in the scene and also drugs use/dealing on both sides of the North Sea means they can class raves as a child protection issue so they get the funding for more detectives, especially female ones, as they make young lads drop their guard a bit.

    Often they are from metpol and put on secondment to the EA forces as its not too far away but a copper has to be in the SNT (normal uniformed bobby) for at least two years before specialising such as CID, and London is a small densely packed place where they could be recognised, plus it stops them losing confidence compared to being put on a London estate facing knifes and guns for a first assigment. Most detectives these days have gone up to University as well so they are in their mid 20s youngest.

    One thing I found both amusing and depressing at the same time was a I took a look at the last female detective they tried deploying in Suffolk via a facebook profile “nah – you rarely get a woman over her mid 20s at a local rave anyway”. its not just because they are all mums and worth thinking about these gender issues. they are important if you want a scene to survive! there’s also a fair few ravers what have crossed the blue line for personal reasons.

    i just like meeting new people at parties, meet some really cool people, but cant remember them in the morning, so thought this may be a good way of meeting people whilst not completely intoxicated 😛

    that was the whole intention of setting this site up over a decade ago 🙂 Also it means people who are older and have responsible jobs or familys can still keep in contact. There’s other stuff like the radio stations, pic albums etc and we don’t keep the data like facebook for ad purposes (there might be a couple of ads to non subscribers but thats it and they are deliberately vetted so it doesn’t bait up using PV on work computers so much).

    BTW if you know of legal events in Suffolk/Norfolk/Essex please put them on here and encourage promoters to do so rather than farcebook, as a lot of people don’t use this. if the cops say “there will be too many people” or its “linked to illegal raves” and complain to the venue management point out that the same applies for facebook and we stopped openly advertising unlicensed events years ago on Police advice, but there is no law against folk talking about them online anywhere in the EU.

    If the promoters are genuinely skint just send me a PM and I will clear it for the parties section.