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    @`Matt 450886 wrote:

    For awhile ive been thinking about getting into production, and well winter is coming an i need a hobby for it. Ive been doing abit of reading and collected a fair few GB’s of samples from mates/the interweb.

    I will be reason 4 as i cant afford a mac and therefore i cant get logic :cry:. My knowledge of sound is pretty decent i would say, and most things i have read about production i understand mostly what they are saying. I was just wondering if anyone has advice/essentail reads/tips for when your starting up they would like to share?

    Cheers Matt

    Just re-read your OP after waffling about Reason for ages. If you’re getting Reason as a poor man’s substitute for Logic have you come across Cubase? It’s basically the PC equivalent of Logic and is IMO as good (it also has the bonus of a white background in the sequencer + colourful buttons – Logic’s dull-as-fuck grey/blue colour scheme depresses me whenever I open it. TBH there’s probably some way to change it, I’ve never been arsed to figure this out).