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    Why you kids don’t know how lucky you are.

    If you make music on a computer then you’ll know what they are capable of.

    You have in front of you more than was even possible when I started. Even if you had millions you could not buy all the processing my computer has because some of it wasn’t invented.

    Convolution reverbs, physical modeling and channel emulation – these are all new.

    At the press of a button I can quantize live audio. Time stretch audio to fit a region and tempo map rhythms.

    It wasn’t always like that!

    Top formula:

    The LFOs we had in the Akai were not midi controlled so to get the LFO to sync to a tempo I used the first formula. This will give you the frequency at a given temp to keep the LFO locked in time.

    2nd formula:

    When you time stretch a sample in the Akai you were given the resulting sample length in seconds and the number of samples it would contain. This formula tells you how many samples it will take to match a given tempo.

    3rd formula:

    I was given this one by Rob Playford. This one is a little more involved and it was used to mix tracks in a computer. Logic Audio in the early 90s gave you the option to change the sample rate of an audio file. The benefit of this was that if you reduced the sample rate of an audio file (complete song) it would play back faster because Logic would seek to play 44.1k sample per second. We would then mix the tracks in the computer.

    I fucking love algebra.