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jarvis wrote:
k i just read all about it on braintree district council website, £21 not too bad i guess, do i have to keep paying it if i appeal? that would be a bit gay, oh well hopefully they won’t refuse..

I think you have to pay for the application upfront as its their admin costs whether or not the application is successful, but you still have the right of appeal (and doing this costs the council way more than £21 in admin costs)

so it makes more financial sense for the Council to grant it

you may be better off contacting someone first and having an informal chat about the event

So about a closure order…they can tell me to stop due to public nuisance right? so if someone complains about the noise the cops will tell shut me down? or tell me turn the music down? and i’m guessing they would want to see my TENS when they got there :crazy_diz

they may want to see the license but the cops should already know you’ve got it as they are part of the licensing authorities! I expect both the Environmental Health officer and cops would have to attend and explain to you there has been noise complaints and you get an opportunity to turn down the music.

On the councils website is a big document called the Licensing policy.

Download it, and read it all. It is long and boring, but if you can comply with these rules the council legally cannot refuse you a license.

Also 1 more thing, if i put on the application that i will have 499 people will that affect their decision you reckon? because i dont want to estimate how many people will turn up and then exceed the limit! u know what i mean?

its up to 500 people including crews etc. I’d apply for the full 500. Realistically most free parties have less than this anyway.

The main issues will be getting permission and convincing the authorities. Bear in mind though as a legal promoter you can use the media and local community to your advantage, the way to spin it is its better done this way than an illegal rave where it costs loads to close it down, people get hurt and nothing gets cleared up.

it is a lot more work than an illegal party. If your dad has done legal events before I’d speak to him as well..