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    Ho my goodness, I think I am starting to understand how things work around here !!
    Well, thanks for your warm welcome !
    I had a lovely day doing absolutely nothing except for drinking (I know it sounds sad but I really enjoyed my day and being nostalgic about Squat Parties in London as well.)
    Sorry for not introducing myself right away by the way but I am not a forum expert and I thought a ghost from 2007 was welcoming me from the past. That freaked me out so I couldn’t move anymore , you see ?!! I still don t understand why we are back in 2007 to be honest but that s probably because I shouldn’t t stay awake more than 48 h anymore, I can t analyze everything anymore.
    Anyway, I came back around 9am this morning in my Barcelonese flat with a friend and we started listening to my old school acid techno records bought in London between 2002 and 2006. They were full of dust of course cause I don t mix as often as I used to (I concentrate more on production nowadays ) but listening to them this morning just made me realize how a much I can miss the spirit of London sometimes. So here I am ! Trying to find out how is the vibe in London in 2015 (8 years latter !). I am going to Australia in august where I go every year for 3 month to work illegally of course ( don t give me up please and I swear to be clean [mind and body] next time I come on Party vibe !!) and I am really thinking, now, of going back to London, just for a year, after Australia, to find a little job during the week to pay my rent and going wild on weekends (starting from Wednesday ), buying records etc. etc.,, go in the Pubs, betting money on dogs and stock cars in Wembley . I feel that I need to evacuate some energy in London again (just a year) , I need dirt , rain , warehouses and rock n roll attitude. I have been surrounded by hippies for the past 8 years in Barcelona !!! ( just kidding of course I don t hate hippies, just that they are too many in Spain and I need variety in my life ha-ha ). Well that s it ! You seem to be nice and welcoming people on Party Vibe so I am going to stick around a little. If someone knows if Malfaiteurs, HeadFucks, Tribe of Munt and others are still pushing high on decibels around London, please let me know! cause I am damn serious when I say that I might go back for few months. I have got money on the side, I am healthy and I can find a job anywhere in a restaurant or a bar ( I used to be ‘THE” wine waiter at the top floor of Hilton Park Lane for 4 years, a Frog restaurant for Froggies like me ! ). If you think that I am already annoying you cause I am righting to many lines , well, it s because I am drunk, I am happy and I don t care anyway. If some of you want to give me quick info or tips about London today ( you can t smoke in the bars anymore I heard ? ) LOL (No Grandpa! you can t! That s called the fucking future !! 😉 that would be much appreciate and maybe we meet some days in London for a wine testing or a good old Acid Party with dirt everywhere Yeaahhh !!! (Or you can just tell me to Fuck oFF, I won t be hurt really 🙂 ) Bisous a tous and thanks for your time !!!!