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MC G-Tek

    @IAMSPARTACUS 553877 wrote:

    Hello yourself,Hello everyone else,and yes,I certainly can have a wonderful day my good man. I am of an age where I was there near the beginning of the dance movement.I had many truly wonderful days experiencing the oneness of dance and the unity our government decided to smash.That truly wonderful experience was taken away.I am now well out of the loop. I have no wish to endanger anyone by asking so I will not.Keeping it low is the way to go when the forces are out there just to fek up your night. To all of you that still experience a wonderful day,well done. The older I become,I see most of the youth divided,it saddens me. My son is 12,nearly 13. I would have loved him to experience this oneness for himself when he reaches an appropriate age.So he too can experience a wonderful thing. Alas,you lucky few exist in isolated pockets because you have to. I am happy for you that still get it,but sad for the rest of the country. To any coppers out there.There are much worse things than empathy and unity.The government talks of society and bringing it together.Oh the irony.The supermarkets are stocked with alcoholic piss and the forcing down of X has caused a dangerous opening for the unscrupulous who fill them with PMA and worse.You made it all unsafe and you were aggressive to people.The same people who now pay your wages in taxes.Riot shields for dangerous dancers.It is not on at all.If you feel that hassling people coming together is right,then you should go for a psychological evaluation.You have issues that need to be amended.I suggest dance therapy.Spy speech over. Anyway mate,cheers for the hello,I don’t need to know where you are or what you do,but I would like to know what has changed.Whether it is just all hedonism now.Don’t get me wrong,I am quite hedonistic myself but I feel that the frequencies in the music are healing as well.Dancing is tribal even if like me,you are shit at dancing.All that matters is really feeling it. What place does unity still have in the underground dance scene? Peace

    Welcome to the vibe man, hope you like our little hideaway! 🙂