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    Massive seems to be the go to plugin for bass on ableton, I can get a deep sound with it, but it sounds like I’m getting a click at the start of a midi clip with it…… i still haven’t worked out how to get rid of the click fully, but I’m only a complete novice when it comes to music.

    first reduce the volume on that track (it may be pushing everything into clipping and the meters on most DAWs are small and not easy to see), if the click still happens then check the soundcard drivers and settings for timing / sync errors. You might need to trade better quality for a few more miliseconds of latency between activating a keyboard or controller and something happening on the computer.

    also purge the computer of any unneeded crapware, any programs what start up in the system tray that do not need to be there, defrag the hard drive and make sure there is as much RAM as possible.

    if possible try and devote a computer to music production (rather than the same laptop for work, school/university) and avoid the internal soundcard on laptops and even many PC’s (they are cheap and noisy and intended for VOIP telecoms and gaming), use an external USB one