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The rest were stopped and played pretty much every time, and 3 or 4 djs managed to push the wrong RPM button on their “PHAT” pioneer CDJs that they dont know how to use properly. Pisses me off when you see DJs playing shit at events where they get paid and you know you can mix better than that and you just hav to stand and listen to them.

dude thats nothing to do with technology, it was going on 20 years ago at raves when vinyl was the main format

When people end up turning a “fun/creative” activity into a career it eventually becomes more stressful than real work due to the envy and intense competition, so they get bored and jaded. I learned this 10 years ago when I was working as an engineer in the TV industry.

Even today, I have been looking at a new computer but I would rather buy a boxed one from a supplier than bother building it from scratch like I once would have done, as I do 60+ hour weeks keeping the damn things working in offices.!

I do have some nostalgia for analogue audio formats, particularly because of my age, but in reality times have changed.

its a double-edged sword – digital equipment culture has vastly reduced the entry cost into music making but its also wiped out a lot of the revenue streams for content sales and paying jobs for those involved, so there isn’t as much money in the entire music scene as their once was (especially as feds are more harsh about people trying to launder drugs money through it!)

with regard to the business side of things, the clock can’t be turned back and we have to live with it, but when I pick up a electronics catalogue like CPC/Farnell which once would have been full mostly of components and office/industrial gear and it is packed full of music production equipment, I can’t really see any cause for complaint..