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    TBH most of what you need to know about sound engineering on this scene you can learn from the net – there are lots of brainy people on this forum like Biotech and Noname (to name but a few) who will tell you everything you need to know about all the technical aspects of DJ’ing and music production.

    sorry to sound despondent but there’s now a glut of “qualified” hopefuls in the creative industries whilst jobs are disappearing at a fast rate of knots.

    It started with the TV industry, then hit the new media and music industries – studios existing engineers now don’t want to give a newbie a foot in the door because its more competition for the existing workers. By all means study this course for your own enjoyment/pleasure and education but don’t expect it to be an instant ticket to a paid job. The commercial music industry is actually shrinking due to download culture reducing the revenue streams…

    One of my relatives just graduated from music technology with all distinctions and has loads of talent and experience including recording classical groups but regular paid work is hard to find – he gets the odd gig or two.

    He has in fact ended up back at work/college and now studies to be a paramedic and spends his weekends helping fix broken people at the local hospital (including some of the ravers!)