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Depends what u want to do it for. I’m pretty cynical about those sorts of courses and I think a lot of them only exist to make money out of people who want to be DJs, promising some sort of useful qualification at the end. If u just want to improve ur DJing/engineering/production skills then it could be very useful. If you’re actually wanting to “make it” as a sound engineer tho most courses are fairly useless as whatever qualification u get from the course won’t matter two shits to anyone in the industry.

I was lucky enough to get on a good sound recording course (just finished my second year at Surrey uni doing music and sound recording), I’ve learned so much about loads of aspects of recording but I’m still finding it really hard to get a studio placement anywhere for next year. The problem is every man and his dog wants to be an engineer/producer and studios don’t need to advertise jobs and can be completely unhelpful cunts just because they can.

I dunno what u want to be – if ur interested in dance music production then a course like the one in your link might be a good starting point as it gives u the basic knowledge for you then to go home and start making tunes. If you want to be an engineer I suggest u try loitering around studios and offering to make tea/run errands etc (its a cliche but its how a lot of people get their foot in the door).