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    the rev wrote:
    Indeed, if he takes requests i’d like “ca plane pour moi” by plastic bertrand dedicated to kimmie please :groucho:

    someones got taste :laugh_at:

    I even understand what all the French lyrics mean – they are fucking hilarious and are a story of the situations a drug user/hedonist gets himself into.. I was gonna do a translation for my mate but never got round to it

    As a start though the first verse is about how he wakes up and has found his pet cat on his bed, the cat having got a swollen tongue apparently due to lapping whisky from an abandoned glass…

    Monsieur Betrand himself has not slept well, but has been crashed out in a drug-induced stupor in the “gutter”

    I take this to mean he has crashed out in a totally mashed state, and ended up in a random corner of the bed, whilst the cat has taken the best part of the bed – if you have cats who sleep in your room you will understand..) –

    due to this sudden awakening he (bertrand, not the cat) gets a 4-colour acid flashback :laugh_at:

    the rest of the song is about a hangover, a girl and an energetic night of sex, a bout of paranoia (where he hopes the sky doesn’t fall on his head, nor does he get nicked) and a big domestic argument where the girl eventually walks out after all the crockery in the house is smashed…;

    although the chorus means “this life’s for me” so he’s happy with his lot anyway..