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Am i really such an arrogant, ego centric, jerkoff, hypocritical dumbshit? You can believe that if you wish, because we don’t know each other. I had the balls to speak my mind freely and say what I felt. What will you stand up for today?

Yeah, when you see things like this on his facebook page, it really makes you wonder about his eggo. Fair enough people don’t know him. That is the point people don’t see the real person behind the celeb, and that’s why you have to make a good public impression otherwise you will be called arrogant. it has been the way of the celeb world for donkeys years.

With that comment is he saying that he is the only person who has the balls to speak his mind? I dunno I’m not getting his motivation really. I wish I could have know what was going on in deadmou5 world when he wrote this. it was in 2012