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    I don’t know of any producer who doesn’t do their own mixdowns. That’s one of the great things about producing electronic music yourself, you kinda need to learn about EQing and compression and generally mixing stuff. I like to mix as I go along; it sets the scene, as it were, for the next sound/element I want to add next.

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    yeah i thought as much …. I just can never get happy with how i want something to sound and change it constantly through making a track … it really slows the processs of making a tune. like every time i add a new sound every other sound gets a re-vamp …>.<

    Likewise, dude, hence why I have a fear of bouncing stuff down to audio. Always going back and editing certain sounds. Luckily in Cubase, there’s an option to save individual channels, so you can reload them up if you do happen to bounce them down to audio. 🙂 I of course never use it, however, ‘cos I iz teh lazybonezzzzz.