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Dr Bunsen

    Centova Cast v3.1.0 Released – August 06, 2014

    The long-awaited release of Centova Cast v3.1.0 has arrived!

    The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.1.0:

    Major new features

    Added support for LiquidSoap as an autoDJ. LiquidSoap provides most if not all of the features of sctrans2 and ices-cc (supporting AAC/MP3/Opus on both SHOUTcast v2 and IceCast), and is free and open-source.
    Added new AJAX-based paginated accounts list in the admin and reseller control panels.

    Minor new features

    Warning emails are now throttled when a server/source repeatedly fails to start
    Added pre-rotate-logs and post-rotate-logs event notifications
    Added support for viewing gzipped log files in log manager
    Added warning when setting DNAS/DNAS2 “disconnect idle sources after” setting to 0
    Added the server.authenticate API method
    Add PluginHooks::register_once() to avoid duplicate callback registrations
    Added NO_ROTATE_DNAS2 option to centovacast.conf to prevent Centova Cast from rotating SHOUTcast DNAS v2 log files
    Metadata charset is now configurable per-mountpoint
    The cron job’s –job parameter now optionally supports multiple, comma-separated job names


    Substantially optimized communications between web interface and control daemon
    Moved all caching options to caching.conf
    Exclude 1-second-or-less sessions from statistics
    Requests with non-200 result codes are no longer included in visitor sessions
    Configure DNAS2 to open legacy v1 source ports for each mount point
    Display an error if the user activates the autoDJ but disables it for all mount points
    Log manager now hides logs that Centova Cast has no permissions to view
    Added flag images for several special-purpose IP locations that may be returned by GeoIP
    Break long/bogus user agent strings to avoid stretching page
    Do not overwrite admin-specified absolute log paths
    Increased default database optimization interval from 5 to 7 days
    Removed legacy (v2) diagnostics script which could generate false problem reports under v3
    Search for custom/ in both theme/templates/ and system/templates/
    Do not populate sample passwords on new account form
    Set UTF-8 charset in content-type header for JSON API responses


    Cron job now records start/complete time for logrotate job
    Fix bug in which ‘unlimited’ values provisioned via API might not be honored
    Fix port conflict detection issues when using API provisioning
    Fix regression in installer
    Fix regression breaking backups, introduced by new libzip version
    Fix server type display issue when creating/editing accounts
    Fixed SelectSlider bug when multiple sliders coexist on page
    Fixed WHMCS module username generation issue with non-Latin client names
    Fixed bug in which last day of month may not be included in CSV reports
    Fixed bug in DJ account private FTP folder deletion
    Fixed bug in resetadminpassword script
    Fixed bug in which DJ usernames could overlap stream usernames
    Fixed bug in which IceCast would continue trying to process a file after determining it was missing
    Fixed bug in which disabled DJ accounts could still log in
    Fixed bug in which port reservations might not always be calculated correctly in the UI
    Fixed bug in which the same DJ username could not exist for different stream accounts
    Fixed bug in which, if a server/source process was unresponsive when stopping the stream, it would not be forcibly killed by Centova Cast
    Fixed disk/bw usage column names that were incorrectly documented in WHMCS module SDK
    Fixed display bug with templates set to “Hosted on: Automatically choose best”
    Fixed display issue with admin accounts in sessions list
    Fixed duplicate account bug when restoring backups with –overwrite
    Fixed errors in web-based uploader with certain filenames containing non-Latin characters
    Fixed potential error in statistics imported from v2
    Fixed potential streamid mismatch in sctrans2 configuration files
    Fixed reference to nonexistent server object in use-server-no mode
    Fixed regression in passing arguments to event scripts
    Fixed regression in which accounts could not be reparented to ‘admin’ upon deletion of a reseller
    Fixed selection detection bug in list editor

    For more information about Centova Cast, including screenshots, please visit the Centova Cast product page or contact a Centova Cast sales representative.