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    @amyberthelet 362961 wrote:

    Well you may see the type of music and the words as not fitting together, but that is not how the Underground Church sees it. Music was made to worship God. The Underground Church loves to have worship parties – just telling you how it is here.

    And the evangelists I know are not trying to control others for the sake of control – but because we don’t want to see ppl go to hell. Just the other day we had a brother admit he ‘doesn’t like ppl telling him what to do’ – he was INVITED up to the pulpit to say this!!!!

    Please don’t insult my views and I won’t insult yours, ok? My idea of partying is different than yours, so be it.

    iv od’d twice and saw no light.

    there is no god

    shut the fuck up, no one cares.