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    i think the problem is that a christian rock band is not a party band, it is a worship band. worship music and dance/party music do and should not ever mix. You can stick a fat riff over the top of your prayers but it doesnt stop it being a worship song. you are posting christian worship in a very innapropriate place.

    i dont like being rude to you, especially as I was born and raised christian, sorry if ive offended u at all, but im just as harsh with my family as as i am with you when I say there is no place in modern society for evangelism. a lot of the shit in the world is caused by people trying to change other people to their beliefs. It is the very reason that christianity is hated so much by the rest of society. you are actually being responsible for the slow demise of your, and my religion and for that reason i get a double whammy of annoyance by these actions