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    @amyberthelet 362096 wrote:

    Ok, let me get this straight……I am NOT ALLOWED to post MY form of party on here – only stuff about getting f-d up and acting crazy on drugs is accepted????? What if I said that the music YOU party to is ‘preaching’ ???? I don’t see that as fair at all! I was SHARING a link of what I consider to be partying, without drugs involved. I party to Christian music, so what? Christians can still have fun! In fact, I am sore this morning from all the dancing! The guys were REALLY goin for it – no diff in styles as far as that goes! The band was fantastic – Christian version of The Ramones! :bounce_fl:bounce_g:

    You cannot accept that I can have fun without cussing and drugs – sad.

    your allowed, just i think around about 0% of us here agree with you… yeah the majority of us more widely agree with getting fucked & takin drugs… (not that i take drugs myself).

    then we probably wouldnt give a shit because it bears no significance at all since the majority of the music discussed here is secular – your comment would be completely irrelevant.

    nothing wrong with that it i just thought id give it a colour because it made me chuckle