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    General Lighting wrote:
    welcome to PV gerbilator 🙂

    saw the name on here earlier – if its who I think it is thats a blast from the past….

    I’m now 150 miles away from where I was when I last saw you, I don’t miss Reading one bit but I do miss all the people I used to party with..seems like all the old party crew been dispersed a bit, some doing parties in foreign lands, some quietened down, some hiding from TVP or gone legal…

    but if you look on here there’s a new bunch of people coming through from your area who still want to party 😉

    It certainly is who you think it is, finally stepped out of the squaller thats sj.

    We (the pro may crew) still doing it locally, finding little venues n doing our own thing. Avoiding tvp is a speciality :wink:.

    The project storm thing keeps us above board at the coven and is getting better and better, we got the room 2 on the 25th of september. Although i dont see it advertised on here…yet

    good to hear from you again, be good. gx