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    Agent Subby wrote:
    What did ya think of The Rich Kids? Quite enjoyed ‘Ghosts Of Princes In Towers’ title track but found the album a bit of a let down. And correct me if I’m wrong wasn’t Steve New the guitarist a ‘second’ guitarist for the Pistols and then onto PIL?

    Havent heard it but I’ll give it a go and let you know !

    I was refering to Steve Jones one and only lead guitaist of the Pistols, it was Glen Matlock, bass played and song writter that was replaced by Sid Vicious, from there on in Steve provided 99% of the guitar input. I’m not a player myself but this guy taught himself to play by largely staying up for days …with “william for company”. He created such a driving sound with little or no backup from a bass player when playin live..most of the recoding after Glen left have little to no bass track