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    @Tank Girl 383165 wrote:

    as 84 said they do a festival themselves in dorset, only been a few years though so I’d not heard of it before,
    unfortunatley I do question their organisational skills – arranging a festival, advertising it and selling tickets before ‘realising’ they were booked for Bestival, :hopeless: then cancelling it – so waiting for new dates

    We announced the event in november with tickets on sale, and Bestival contacted us in the spring to dicsuss booking us for their event. At this point with only a few tickets sold (which were refunded) it was decided that we should take on bestival and re-plan our festival, but to move a 3 day event forward in the season was too much to do, so we ran Bimble Party nr brighton, which was a great success and sold out.
    Many thanks
    The Bimble Inn