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    @D_ni 560675 wrote:

    haha! I think we bth cool on the age of consent front.
    May not look it, but we both in our late 20’s!

    Musics going good man, got a tune being released soon, plus loads of gigs coming up this year.
    gettin on the milton Keynes scene!

    what you sayin bruv, soz been dark for time. Life become hectic.
    Never forgot about you though man, often wondered hw you were gettin on.
    hows tricks?

    yeah all good here man, still pushing on with the tuneage, I’m working on a tune for a promotion video for a computer game atm, it’s volunteer work as the game’s pretty old and run ftp by volunteers these days, but it’s my fav game of all time, so well chuffed to be a part of it. Can’t go into much more detail though as I’m under NDA, but when it’s done some point this year I’ll be sure to link to the vid on here hehe.

    Grats on the gigs and music release … living the dream eh? 😛