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Single: Lamb or Lion by Mighty Mystic

Album: Wake Up the World by Mighty Mystic

Buy it on iTunes:…ld/id395225100

Featured tracks:


mighty-mystic“Think of God as a great ocean… though we all might take different streams and rivers to get to him, we’re all essentially going to the same place.” – Mighty Mystic

Considered one of the leaders in the East Coast Reggae Movement, reggae artist Mighty Mystic’s fresh sound and musical diversity has proved to be a magnet for music lovers in search of something refreshing and new. It has attracted listeners of all ages, and from all walks of life. A charismatic man on a mission: Mighty Mystic has gone from being a fan of reggae music, to being a contributor to the art. On November 24, 2010, after releasing singles for nearly four years, Mighty Mystic released his debut, full-length album “Wake up the World” which hit iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere digital downloads were sold, by storm. The album peaked at #4 on iTunes Reggae Charts, and unleashed 17 brand new original tracks, mixed with fan favorites out into the world. Mystic shares, “My album can be summed up in one word: Universal. Music is life, and life is very broad, so I wanted to design something that can suit all people, that was my mission with this album” On September 6, 2011 the single and music video for “Original Love” will be released, worldwide.


Mighty Mystic was born Kevin Mark Holness, in the countryside of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. As a child, Holness showed early interest in his native island’s music. It was common to hear him singing songs like “Buffalo Soldier,” “What the Hell the Police Can Do,” or hymns sung in Sunday morning church. In 1989, Holness relocated to Boston, as his family was in search of a new life. It was then the sounds of Mighty Mystic were born, as he began to wet his feet in the local music scene. When it came time to find a name which best suited him, Holness choose “Mystic” which was the childhood nickname of his father, and coincidentally the area where Holness and his family relocated to in Boston, also called “Mystic.” The name just fit. He shares, “When I moved to Boston, I realized the North East region was very influenced by the hip hop scene of the early 90’s, and it also had a bubbling reggae market. I wanted to hold on tight to my Jamaican reggae influences, even while living abroad. A huge part of my inspiration is directly linked to the teachings that my family instilled in me. They were beloved in our Jamaican community, for all their hard work, devotion and overall help onto others, and this is something that truly inspired me to do the type of music I do.”


After several years of working on his craft and developing several smaller scale releases, Mighty Mystic teamed up with producer Mike Cip to record Mystic’s first national / international venture. The duo wasted little time, and scored a hit with their first release of the single, “Riding on the Clouds” in 2006. The song was received with tremendous praise, and stood on top of the Reggae charts, both nationally and internationally for the following two years. Mystic continued on his early success with the release of singles “Better Times” “Fire Town,” and “Revolution,” all of which gained him more popularity on the East Coast. “Better Times” went on to become WERS 88.9 FM New England Radio’s “Rockers” radio pick.

Mystic’s early successes landed him on his first major tour in the spring of 2006. He played in Hartford CT, New York City, New Jersey, Maryland, Philadelphia, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. He returned from the tour more passionate and devoted than ever, and immediately threw himself back into the studio. Over the next six months, Mystic and Cip recorded, mixed, and mastered over 80 songs for Mystic’s next project. He would emerge with a diverse catalog and a more universal sound, along with another key element, adding a band to the Mighty Mystic brand. The first single from this new venture in music was released in November 2008, and was entitled “Here I Am” featuring Reggae pop icon Shaggy. The song was an instant success, and could be heard on college and urban mainstream radio nationwide, while also being seen on TV, on shows such as MTV JAMZ. Mystic kept the good vibes flowing with the 2009 releases of singles “Slipped Away,” “Free,” and “Hero.” In November 2010, he released his debut full-length album “Wake up the World,” and is still releasing singles and music videos off the record today. Mighty Mystic has performed in front of thousands of people, some of his largest audiences have included performing at the Unite the People Concert [Jamaica, 10,000] Coliseum Reggae Fest [Greensboro, NC, 5,000] Sugarloaf Reggae Festival [Maine, 10,000] Boston Summer Jam [Comcast Center, 15,000+] and more. He has shared the stage with some of the top artists in his genre, including Steel Pulse, Damien Marley, Barrington Levy, Buju Banton, Shaggy, Collie Buddz, Sean Paul, Dirty Heads, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, John Browns Body, and more. Mighty Mystic is currently touring nationwide, and is recording his second, full – length album, with an anticipated release date of late 2012.

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