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While we strongly encourage anyone who’s likes what we do to link to our web site not every one knows exactly what to with a link so here are some suggestions for your consideration.

Where should I link to?

Now a good place to start would our home page at but you could also link to any other page you think is useful of course.

HTML to use

The following is an example of the HTML you might use.

Party Vibe Radio

Logos and ALT tags

Alternatively here are some logos to consider instead. When using these logos however please include an “alt tag’ comment such as ‘An easy to use directory of internet radio stations’.

Party Vibe Radio

party vibe radio



Link address with a ‘www.’ with or without?

Our web site address will work just as well with or without your having to add ‘www.’ to our address, meaning you can display it in either of two ways such as

Changes to the address of any of the pages on our web site

We make every effort not to change the URLs of our pages. But please note that we might sometimes need to move, delete or archive content as part of our ongoing content development and review processes. This means that it’s wise to review links regularly to prevent ‘404 Page Not Found’ errors.

How to describe our web site?

If you want to include a short paragraph about our website when you’re linking to us please copy the following:

Party Vibe Radio is a commercial free high definition internet radio station originally started in 1998 with 10 channels of music and more than 2 1/2 million listeners a year.

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