Happy 19th Birthday!

Well time has really flown again. What can we say. Here it is. It’s our 19th birthday this week! Well tomorrow in fact to be exact since www.PartyVibe.com was originally registered on the 8th December 1997  but heh. So. In honor of this day what we’d like to do is invite you all to join our celebration by sending us your shouts (see below), pictures, audio clips, videos, whatever. Everything you send us, whether it’s in text, audio, picture or even video format will be shared on our SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook accounts as much as possible, even added to our radio playlist and played at regular intervals! As always you can use our email address (submitpvc@gmail.com), dropbox, youtube, what ever works… Much love and happy birthday!

In the mean time here are some audience figures for your for the last twelve month.

Total sessions: 5,312,133
Unique listeners: 1,802,941
Unique countries: 235
Average listening time: 19.1 minutes
Total listener minutes: 101,571,460
Total listening hours: 1,692,857.67
Total data transfer: 226.7 TB
Average data transfer: 44.7 MB

Top Countries by Listener Sessions:

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Germany
4. France
5. Canada
6. Russian Federation
7. Italy
8. Japan
9. Netherlands
10. Brazil

Top Agents by Listener Sessions:

1. Mozilla
2. Mozilla
3. Lavf
4. Winamp
5. DigiValet Internet Radio Relay
6. Apple iTunes
7. Mozilla
8. Winamp
9. Lavf
10. stagefright

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